Hello Friends,

We want to take this opportunity to address the steps CSUSM, MiraCosta and Palomar has announced to limit COVID-19, particularly with regards to InterVarsity. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. We are adapting, not disappearing.

    We are aware of the concerns of both students and the administration, and we will be discussing the impact on our IV community/next steps in the weeks to come.

  2. Practice discernment & media literacy.

    As you consider how to respond personally, please pursue questions and actions in community and re-evaluate based on accurate facts and not generalizations, panic, or groupthink.

  3. Community is still important.

    We encourage you to stay connected to community in safe/healthy ways. We will be creatively updating our gatherings to take proper precautions, while not letting fear drive us to not gather to engage in friendship and worship together.

  4. God is with you and our call to love people does not stop.

    No matter how you are feeling currently, God is with you. He is in control and He loves you. Let us seek Him personally and be aware and sensitive to love people well in their anxieties, fears, and questions in this time. May God breakthrough in a new way in this season.


Some more thoughts:

Currently, most of the change we are experiencing are preventive measures. Check out this helpful article on why canceling classes/events and moving to online classes is potentially saving lives. The goal of these strategies is to slow the rate of which the virus spreads in order to not overwhelm the health care system. By us all slowing the speed of the virus we are giving time to scientists to work out meds and also making sure there is space in hospitals for the people who need it most.

As for how we respond as Christians. Our individual choices matter because of the impact it has on the most vulnerable in our society. We are not too worried about most of you, but worried about your sick parents, diabetic cousins, pregnant sisters and elderly grandparents. So I ask you, instead of looking at this time off from class an extra long spring break, let us be intentional in our actions and listen to the advice of the public health officials who are seeking to protect all of us. Let’s be like Jesus by making decisions that take us out of the center of our lives and put those who are the most vulnerable and at risk in the center. Please do not be afraid, God is with us. But please wash your hands, stay home when you aren’t feeling well, and please practice social distancing (6 ft away). We are calm, but realistic. We pray for those impacted directly from the virus and their families. We pray for those who are indirectly impacted like you, professors, parents and community members who are experiencing a lot of disruption from school and work. 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”
-2 Timothy 1:7


Stay up to date:

World Health Organization (WHO)


Palomar COVID-19 Page

MiraCosta COVID-19 Page


Last updated: 3/12/20, 3:30PM